Rochester University’s Chapel

All Pre-Approved Chapel point Activities are listed on the Chapel Calendar.

All Chapel policies can be found on the RU website or in the Student Handbook.

Chapel Forms:

Before opening a form, please make sure you are logged in to your RC email address as only RC emails have access to these forms


Chapel at Rochester University is the scheduled time where our campus community gathers together for worship. Biblical teaching, worship, creative arts, and other special programming is designed to inspire faith in God, spiritual formation, and fellowship among our community.

Chapel Points

As a part of Rochester University’s Christian mission and identity, every full-time traditional student is required to participate in the Rochester University Chapel, which is overseen by the Intercultural and Spiritual Life office within the Center for Student Life.


Chapel offers opportunities for students to participate in chapels and chapel electives aimed at building Christian faith and community, affirming Christian values, and developing a holistic understanding of spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.

Please note that CSL 2001 is one academic credit course, however, the class will appear as a 0 credit course until it is added in during the last week of the semester when a student’s attendance has been calculated.  CSL 2001 grading scaling is based on a 30-point scale corresponding to the number of the chapels attended during the semester.  A student can earn sixteen (16) of their points from chapel electives.

The grading scale is as follows:

  • 30 points or more . . A
  • 26-29 . . . . . . . . . . . B
  • 22-25 . . . . . . . . . . . C
  • 18-21 . . . . . . . . . . . D
  • 17 or fewer . . . . . . . F


How Do I Earn My Chapel Points?

Chapel points can be earned from the following offerings:

  1. Campus-Wide Chapels: Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday our campus community gathers together to build community and worship.
  2. Chapel Electives: Throughout the year a number of special events and group meetings are available for Chapel Elective Points. Point-eligible opportunities include:
    1. Departmental Chapel (1pt per offering): Offered at various times throughout the semester, academic faculty offer chapel services to engage students more deeply with God and their area of study.  These chapel offerings for major-specific and available for students in those specific majors.
    2. Pre-Approved Service Learning Opportunities (2pt per opportunity): Service learning integrates meaningful community service and reflection to enrich the Rochester University learning experience, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.
    3. The Offering (1pt per offering): The Offering is a monthly worship event hosted by a band of student-led singers and musicians.  This campus ministry collaborative with student leaders is designed to create a space for the spiritual practice of worship.
    4. Theater for Social Engagement (1pt per offering): Students can earn 1 point for the following opportunities as presented by the Theater for Social Engagement; attending a production, sitting in on a First Sunday Lecture, and any service-learning events.
    5. Select Spiritual Life Offerings (TBA – 1pt per offering): Various campus ministry initiatives will be offered throughout the academic year. Those opportunities will be communicated during chapel, the RU app, and student calendar.
    6. Freshman Mentoring Programming (Freshmen Only – 1pt per offering): A freshman mentoring program which will allow a group of new students to interface with RU faculty and staff in meaningful ways throughout the year.

*Reminder only 16 of your chapel points can be earned from Chapel Electives*


How Do I Keep Track of My Chapel Points?

  • To check your point progress, login to the RU app and look under My Activities to see the events you have credit for. There will be a green check mark next to every event for which you have credit. At the bottom of that page is a running total of how many you have completed and how many remain to fulfill your chapel requirement.
  • You are responsible to keep track of your chapel credit and must let us know within 72 hours if your credit is not showing up from an event. To let us know by completing the  Point Correction Form. You will need to provide a few sentences summarizing the chapel event and what was most formative for you from the chapel.
  • All Chapel Credit is due on the last Friday of classes (the Friday before exam week).

What if I Need a Chapel Modification?

Chapel is an integral part of the Rochester University educational experience, therefore exemptions are only granted for a student doing field practicum in their degree or extreme cases upon further review.  Chapel modifications alter the number of points necessary to earn an A letter grade.

Chapel modifications are considered for the following types of students:

  1. Education majors during the semester of student teaching, academic major focused internships, Nursing majors on clinical rotations that conflict with a Tuesday/Thursday/Friday chapel schedule, and Mass Communication majors during the semester(s) of Specs Howard attendance requirements
  2. Commuter students with fewer than nine traditional face-to-face credit hours in a semester
  3. All such inquiries should be submitted via Chapel Modification Form on the Student Portal under the Chapel tab. Additional questions can be directed to the Director of Intercultural and Spiritual Life.

Volunteer/Service Opportunities:

Students may participate in pre-approved volunteer opportunities that are listed on the Chapel Calendar or Rochester University App ) or they can submit their own volunteer activity for approval.

If students would like to submit their own volunteer/service activity, they can fill out the Service Learning Volunteer Activity form on the Student Portal under the Chapel tab. Once an activity has been reviewed, students will receive an email from the Chapel Coordinator confirming if their submission is approved toward the Service Learning track.


How to Record/Track Service Learning Points:

Students will submit a written one paragraph reflection via email to following their pre-approved service-learning project. Campus ministry will provide a verification form for students to obtain a signature to document their service efforts from participating in non-profit, school, church, etc. Photos, including selfies can also serve as supporting documentation for completed volunteer work.

After volunteer documentation is received and reviewed, point totals will be updated for each student. Cumulative point totals will be updated, and then attributed to participating students to be tracked in the RU App.