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The primary purpose of RU Marketing & Communication (MarCom) is to serve the University by ensuring that institutional messaging is delivered in a clear and engaging manner that is appropriate and compelling for the audience. Our goals are to communicate RU news, information and messages to key constituents; advance the goals of the university; and communicate the activities and mission of RU to external and internal audiences.

MarCom is the steward of the RU brand identity and manages the content of the University’s official print publications, main website and social media channels. All communications from Rochester University, whether originating from a department or a specific program, are reflections of the institution. The logos, typefaces, colors, and treatment of photos and text all project attributes of RU.

MarCom staff provides a broad range of services in the areas of media relations, graphic design, publications, social media, website, signage, apparel, institutional identity and event promotion.

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  • Do you need the official university logo, a departmental logo, or an athletic logo?
MarCom is here to serve your department or organization with its marketing and communication needs. Use the following links and information to engage MarCom:

To add your project to MarCom’s queue, we ask that you fill out a Marketing Project Request.
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Please email Rachel Williams ( if you want to launch or close an RU social channel. All RU official social accounts must adhere to the following guidelines:


If you are a faculty or staff member, use this process to request a new/updated business card and name tag. If you are a coach, contact Clayton Bissett to order/reorder business cards.
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  • – Main university website serving as the primary starting point for RU communication and publicity for external audiences.
  • & RU App – The primary starting point for RU communication for internal audiences.
  • – Rochester University Brand Book
  • Elizabeth Fulton, Senior Communication Specialist
  • Rachel Williams, Director, Marketing & Communication
  • Carissa Hansen, Digital Media Strategist

Marketing & Communication uses the Associated Press Stylebook as the reference guide for news releases, publications, website copy, announcements, and other university communications targeted to public audiences.


Rochester University has selected MacKellar & Associates, Inc as its preferred promotional and apparel vendor for all non-athletic needs. Please do not order a promotional product featuring the RU logo without contacting MarCom first

Communication on Campus

There are many ways to communicate with faculty, staff and students across campus. In most cases, connecting with RU’s Marketing & Communication department is step one in helping you identify the right tools to reach your audience effectively.

If you have essential information, you want to share with RU faculty, staff members or students, knowing the best communications tool to use to reach them is not always straightforward. These resources can help you target your message more effectively, direct you to the most appropriate communications channel, and communicate with greater accuracy and efficiency.

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Digital properties MarCom does not maintain: