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Fall Plans at RU: Message to Students – President Stogner

Dear Students,

We are excited for the beginning of the new academic year and cannot wait to see you back on campus. As you prepare for your return, we want to provide you information about the measures we are taking to ensure a healthy and safe environment for our entire campus community. This year will bring with it some exciting opportunities in student life, with fewer health-related restrictions than were required of us last year. These opportunities include residence hall Open House hours, more planned in-person activities, and simplified screening procedures. Unfortunately, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic still necessitates that we continue to have some special health and safety measures in place for the first few weeks of the fall semester. All of the policies and guidelines described below will be reviewed each week and will be adjusted in light of campus vaccination rates, area health conditions, and CDC and MDHHS recommendations.

Please carefully read the following guidelines and information:

Mask Requirements:  Each community member has the individual responsibility to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Following CDC and MDHHS recommendations that masks be worn in indoor public settings regardless of vaccination status, beginning August 28, an indoor mask mandate will be in effect on campus. The only exceptions will be athletic competitions, closed athletic practices, and presenters who are either behind a plexiglass barrier or who remain greater than six feet from any members of their audience.

Chapel: Tuesday/Thursday in-person chapels will be suspended until at least September 15th. Friday worship will still be held at the outdoor chapel on September 3rd and September 10th, weather permitting. Community Life + Worship credits will be awarded for the first five suspended days of chapel and attendance will be tracked on September 3rd and September 10th.

Warrior Health Screening Process

To assist in maintaining the health and safety of our community, all employees, students, and visitors will complete a daily health screen using the Campus Clear app.  Before attending class, eating in the dining hall, or participating in practice or campus events, all students will need to complete the process described below:

Self Screen Check: Prior to proceeding to any campus activities (classes, dining, athletic practice, etc) you must complete the #CampusClear app on your mobile device or web interface on your browser. You will be asked if you are experiencing COVID-related symptoms, have been diagnosed with COVID-19, or have been in close contact with someone that has tested positive for COVID-19 in the past two weeks. Based on the responses to the questions, you will be either cleared or not cleared for campus access. If not cleared, the student will receive further instructions on when it is safe to return to campus. Students may be asked to show the Campus Clear “green screen” each day as they come to class or other campus activities.

For more information please visit our #CampusClear procedures website.

Vaccination: As of today, our records show that 19.7% of our student body is vaccinated. We continue to strongly encourage each person who is medically able to be vaccinated. Remember to submit your Verification of Covid-19 Vaccination and receive your $20 Amazon Gift Card. #WarriorsProtectWarriors

RU Vaccination Clinic: RU will be hosting a Vaccination Clinic through the Oakland County Health Department on September 2 (dose 1) / September 23 (dose 2). The Pfizer vaccine will be administered, but the Johnson & Johnson vaccine will also be available in the RAC Lobby from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. No appointment is necessary (walk-in.) Open to the Public.


Isolation & Quarantine: If isolation or quarantine is required due to Covid-19, on-campus isolation and quarantine spaces will only be available to students whose home residences are outside of the Tri-State (MI, OH, IN) area.  Those whose home residency is in the Tri-State area are expected to make arrangements to isolate at home or off-campus.

Quarantine: Unvaccinated individuals (international residents, and those from outside of the tri-state [MI, OH, IN] area) who are exposed to an individual known to have COVID-19 will temporarily move to a designated campus room. Tri-State students will be expected to quarantine at home. Their original room/suite will be cleaned for the remaining roommates and suitemates.

Isolation: The sick resident (international residents and those from outside of the tri-state [MI, OH, IN] area) will isolate temporarily (10 days) to a designated campus room. Tri-State students will be expected to isolate at home. Their original room/suite will be deep cleaned for the remaining roommates and suitemates.

Masks: Residents will be required to wear a face mask in all common spaces, including but not limited to: hallways, kitchens, lobbies, and laundry facilities. The student may remove their mask when they are in their assigned room.

Guests, Visitors & Open House: For the purpose of this policy, the following definitions are in place:

    • Residential Student: A Rochester University student living in a university-owned housing unit.
    • Visitor: A Rochester University student who is visiting a university-owned housing unit to which they are not assigned.
    • Guest: A person who is not a Rochester University student, faculty, or staff who is visiting college-owned housing.

Open house hours will be available to all residential students in their assigned university-owned housing unit.  (AG residents can visit AG residents and F/H residents can visit F/H residents).  Open House hours will be from 7 pm-10 pm each night.  No other guests or visitors will be permitted in the residence halls at this time. When a residential student is visiting another room in their assigned building, they are required to wear a mask.  The guest, visitor, and Open House policies follow the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and MDHHS recommendations for maintaining social distancing within all residence hall spaces.

As of today, our records show that 32.4% of our residential students are vaccinated

Testing: Asymptomatic monitoring will be conducted in the residence halls through wastewater testing as part of the Oakland County Health Department’s (OCHD) Wastewater Project. In the event that COVID-19 is detected in the residence hall wastewater, residential students will be expected to PCR test to quickly confirm or rule out the presence of asymptomatic cases, and isolate and quarantine as necessary. If a student refuses to be PCR tested they will be expected to quarantine.  Learn more »

RU is committed to delivering clear and efficient communication regarding the COVID-19 virus. Please review the existing Coronavirus Resources – Students, and use the link if you have questions that remain unanswered about RU’s response to COVID-19.

We wish you all the best as we begin this semester and are committed to overcoming challenges, doing all we can to support your success, and working with you to have a great academic year. I look forward to seeing you soon!


Brian L. Stogner, Ph.D.