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School of Nursing Faculty and Student Honored with The DAISY Award

The DAISY Award was created in honor of Patrick Barnes. This is awarded to a student and faculty member each year at RU School of Nursing’s Pinning Ceremony. Learn more about The DAISY Foundation and The DAISY Award »

2022 DAISY Award Recipients:

Ashley Thoel, student DAISY Award nomination comments:
Ashley has proven to go above and beyond for her patients at every opportunity. Specifically, when caring for a very sick patient who was hospitalized all alone without their support system, Ashley personally advocated for her and repeatedly reminded other staff to call an RRT as the patient’s vital signs indicated that she might code. After being ignored a few times Ashley did not give up but instead continued to advocate for the patient and use her knowledge to help this patient. During this time Ashley held the patient’s hand while she was scared and comforted her and waited by her side while RRT and the doctor were notified which I believe ultimately saved this patient’s life. As a nursing student it is hard to believe in your knowledge when others with more experience are telling you not to worry and that you are wrong. Ashley has shown her amazing knowledge, confidence and true caring heart for others through not only this example but countless others as well. I thank Ashley for inspiring me to never be afraid to advocate for patients and speak up no matter what because a human life is at stake.

Kim Nash, faculty DAISY Award nomination comments:
Professor Nash is by far the best instructor I have had in my entire six years of college. She has so much knowledge and experience that she chooses to share with her students. She utilizes lectures to make the content and information memorable and understandable to each of her students. Her experiences and creative ways of presenting information have improved the education of myself and my fellow classmates. Professor Nash creates a safe and educational learning environment in the clinical setting as well. She gives you the opportunity to identify your gaps in knowledge and skills and provides guidance / knowledge to improve upon these areas. Beyond that she has provided myself personally great autonomy and leadership opportunities as the faculty advisor of our student nurse association. Professor Nash has truly changed my life forever. In her I have found a teacher, a mentor and an inspiration for which I am forever grateful.

Professor Nash was my first clinical instructor in nursing school. She has taught me so much since the beginning of the semester and helped me grow as a nursing student. I am beyond thankful that God has put such an inspiring instructor at my hands. I will forever be grateful for all of the things she has taught me both school and life related. She has helped me become the confident young lady that I am.